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AK-47 Assult Rifle

AK-47 Assult Rifle
AK-47 Assult Rifle
AK-47 Assult Rifle
AK-47 Assult Rifle


Type:Assembly Gun

If you are interested in weapons and want to make YOUR OWN GUN, then DON'T pass by

Here is a game about the most famous carbine in the world: AK-47. In this game you will have a chance to see every little detail in the AK-47 and understand how it works

you finish learning the knowledge about the AK-47, there are two mini games waiting for you, want to check it out


- It's FREE forever!

- Learn the detail information about AK-47 while Disassembling and Assembling it.

- More mini games:Rescue the Red,Shooting Train,Grim Lord Leave Me Alone,Enemy in Scope,and so on.

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