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AUG Assault Rifle

AUG Assault Rifle
AUG Assault Rifle
AUG Assault Rifle


Type:Assembly Gun

If you are gun lover and love to know the mechanisms of gunfires and every detail of guns, then this app is right for you, DOWNLOAD this right away, Don’t miss it.

Here is an app about AUG Assault Rifle.

At first, it disassembles the gun into pieces,

and then you can build it up all by yourself.

After the assembling, it will present you four mini shooting game

» Hostage Rescue: shoot the robber and save the women in red

» Shooting Train: improve your shooting skill with moving targets

» Grim Lord: the grim giant lords are invading, stop them at the front line

» Enemy in Scope: move the crosshair by swiping the screen, open the scope to zoom in, and try to shoot the enemy in the head


» Free Downloads and Free Updates

» Authentic Weapon Mechanics

» Detailed Full HD Graphics

» Ultra Detailed Step-By-Step Animated Tutorial for the Weapons

» Realistic Fire, Sound, Smoke, Flash & Recoil Effects

» Full Interaction and Control

» More Mini Games are Coming Soon, Please Keep Us in Touch

With the realistic pictures of guns, you can spend lots of your time by assembling the gun and enjoy the time."

Official Website:http://www.roflplay.com

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