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AWP Sniper Rifle

AWP Sniper Rifle
AWP Sniper Rifle
AWP Sniper Rifle
AWP Sniper Rifle


Type:Assembly Gun

If you are interested in weapons and want to make YOUR OWN GUN, then DON'T pass by!

Here is a game about the most famous Sniper Rifle in the world: Arctic Warfare Police.

In this game you will have a chance to see all details in the AWP Sniper Rifle,and show you how it works!

After you finish learning the knowledge about the AWP, there are some mini games waiting for you, want to join it?


- It's FREE forever

- Learn the detail information about Arctic Warfare Police while Disassembling and assembling it

- Mini game No.1 Robber & Cutie

- Mini game No.2 Shoot it

Mini game No.3 Field battle";

Official Website:http://www.roflplay.com

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