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Secret Garden

Secret Garden
Secret Garden
Secret Garden
Secret Garden



Whether the impression of secret garden still stay in a coloring game?

Or think it's just a child exclusive graffiti canvas? Not so simple, from the perspective of psychology,

it hidden deep in the hearts of every person the ivory tower, a picture, a brush, mastery of color...

Play imagination, experience the wonderful fingertip color jumps. Without superb painting skills,

powerful and unconstrained style also can create admirable work.


- Constantly updating

- Different color Xpress

- Tap Graffiti way, coloring easier

- Real-time save, anytime, anywhere to continue

How to play:

1. Choose a different style from the category graffiti canvas

2. Click the brush, according to the lines to paint

3. Double pointing out to enlarge graffiti canvas, pay more attention to details

4. Support undo, redraw, save to my works etc, there is no perfect overnight Secret World

5. Support Share to weibo, wechat, QQ social networking platform that allows friends to appreciate your works

Scattered elegant line drawing flowers, birds, this is a paper and pencil coloring game. You can give full play to the imagination,

to explore and perhaps even your own, have not found The Secret World, moving the finger up and painting it, release of your heart.

Official Website:http://www.roflplay.com

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